The Invitation, Cost & Contributions
The Clark Event 2011
Spetember 22nd - 25th, 2011
Chinook Indian Country
Long Beach, Washington

My Dearest Relatives and Friends,
Throughout the Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Events 2003-2006; I had many experiences which will remain in my heart for the rest of my life. I learned a lot about the Native Nations and the wrongs done to them. Some of these wrongs were committed by our own ancestor, Captain William Clark on his journey with the Corps of Discovery.

Having formed a friendship with Ray Gardner, Tribal Chairman of the Chinook Indian Nation, it was revealed to me by my husband, Rick Holton, that in the spring of 1806, Lewis & Clark and the Corps of Discovery, stole a Canoe from the ‘Clatsop’, members of the Chinook Indian Nation. The Canoe, I learned, is and was as sacred to a Northwestern Coastal Tribal Member as a member of the family. A family’s Canoe is given a name and has a life of its own. The Canoe was their means for food, protection, trading, almost every necessary activity in their daily life. The construction of a Canoe took months and was passed down through generations of a family.

With this in mind, it became clear to me that something should be done to make reparation for the Canoe that had been stolen by my ancestor over 200 years ago. We began communications with Ray and made preparations to have a Canoe built. Rick and Ray met with the Elders at The First Salmon Ceremony 2009 and it was decided that the reparation of the Canoe is of such historical significance that  the William Clark descendants and friends should be given the opportunity to contribute to the Canoe and the opportunity to be a part of the ceremony.

 I am inviting you to contribute to the construction of the Canoe and be a part of this Historical Canoe Reparation Ceremony with the Chinook Indian Nation and a weekend full of learning the history of Lewis and Clark’s journey in the Chinook Indian Nation tribal lands as well as the history of the land and the Nations that inhabited them.

Search your hearts as I have mine and see if you feel as I do. My hope is that you desire to be a part of this historical reparation to the Chinook Indian Nation and ‘Let the Healing Begin’. It is with these small but immeasurable gestures that we will forge new bonds and heal old wounds.

My family and I thank you for your consideration in becoming a part of The Clark Event 2011, an unprecedented historical event. Please explore the website  for details on The Clark Event 2011. 
                               With Thanks,

                     Carlota ‘Lotsie’ Clark Hermann Holton

A special note for families with children and grandchildren..

This is going to be an amazing learning opportunity and a once in a lifetime experience. Your children will be able to participate in a ceremony unlike they may ever have the chance to be a part of, 
learn the history of the Northwest coast as it is and was. Not the written history as the history books tell it and have the chance to meet members of the Clark family and the Chinook Indian Nation and learn their stories.
I hope that you will take this into consideration when making your decision to participate in this event. It will be a priceless experience for your children

                                    The Clark Event 2011 Weekend

The cost for the events for the weekends activities are $150 per person and include:

     Thursdays Boardwalk Tour, Fridays All Day Histroy Tour with lunch and Reception

at The Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center and Saturday The Clark - Chinook

Canoe Ceremony, Fort Columbia tour and traditional Chinook Indian Nation feast.

Transporation on Friday and Saturday is included.

                          Levels of Sponsorships and Contributions 

Contributions and sponsorships are open to everyone... feel free to donate to the Canoe and the Event... Every little bit helps so be a part of making this unique historical event happen!!! 

 $5,000 Captian William Clark Sponsorship: 

Weekend event tickets for family of 2, Commemorative Clark Event 

 $3,000 Captain Meriwether Lewis Sponsorship:

Commemorative Clark Event Blanket 

 $2,000 Sacagawea Sponsorship:

           Commemorative Clark Event Blanket
The above sponsorship amounts will have the contributors name on a marker
commemorating The Clark Event 2011 with the site of the marker to be determined. 

 - Sponsorship and Contibution levels are open to everyone 

 - Sponsorship or Contribution level, please include, with check, size(s) for jackets.

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